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Program Finalised

The program, as it will appear in print, has been finalised. Any further changes will be announced via the schedule posted on the program page. 

Thank you everyone for your hard work and commitment to this year’s AIW. We are very excited about the final program, and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of your labours as well. 


Plan your stay – exhibitions and events


The Museum voor Schone Kunsten Gent has kindly offered an admissions discount to our conference attendees. Vouchers will be included in your registration packet. While in Ghent, you should definitely take the time to visit the MSK, which is currently hosting the restoration of Ghent’s most famous work of art: the Ghent Altarpiece. You can watch the restorers at work from Tuesday to Friday. 
For more information on the collection and exhibitions, visit:

Various other institutions and museums around the city of Ghent are hosting events and exhibitions during the month of April. For more information, check the calendar available at


Speakers list

A list of confirmed speakers has been placed on the program page. This list will be updated as more presenters confirm their attendance at the conference.

Fien Lauwaerts, co-organizer


Fien Lauwaerts has kindly consented to co-organize the 2018 AIW in Ghent. Fien is a graduate of Ghent University, and holds a BA and MA in history. Her research interests are centred on pedagogy, and art history, and politics of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Paper and panel submissions

The deadline for the the initial round of paper and panel submissions has been met. Thank you for your many excellent proposals!

We will consider new paper and panel proposals if they are submitted by January 15, 2018. However, priority will be given to those that arrived during the first round of submissions.



Keynote Speaker – Camiel van Breedam


We are pleased to announce that Camiel van Breedam has kindly consented to be a keynote speaker at the 39th annual AIW, in Ghent, Belgium. Camiel van Breedam is a Belgian artist (°Boom 1936) who has been the recipient of – among others – the Louis-Paul Boon award for his work. His art often centres on the use of public and open spaces, the juxtaposition of materials and objects, and the confrontation of cultures. In addition, Van Breedam has occasionally reflected upon the themes of massacre and memorialization in relation to the intersections between Native American and European history.

This is the theme of his ‘environment’ “Als het heidens oog vol is”, which was placed in Ghent University’s UFO building in 2010, together with a related poem, “The Ballad of Wounded Knee”, by the poet Roger De Neef, who originally commissioned the work. The environment brings students and passers-by closer to both art and the past, and while the effigies represent Native Americans, they symbolize all victims of racial hatred. The figures are comfortably foreign and yet unsettlingly recognizable. Our reflections and their bodily distortions draw us past the feathered ‘other,’ to the suffering human, and our place alongside them. They confront us with our shared history, and possible futures.  

For more information, please see his website at: 

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